If you haven’t read our previous blog, Foods from Around the World, you should definitely do so. This blog is a spin off of that one but focusing more on one of our favorite dishes, desserts! It’s delicious no matter where you have it or what you have, but dessert dishes vary from country to […]

Distributing wedding favors to guests is a tradition that started many years ago. Favors originally were considered an extravagance that only the wealthy citizens could afford. The first favor known as a bomboniere were elegant and fancy boxes made out of gold, stones and porcelain. These boxes typically held some sort of sugary treat which […]

The FIFTH rooftop bar & lounge will be stepping into spring with a blend of classic cocktails jazzed with new creations. As spring approaches and the days grow longer, these flavorful cocktails are the perfect way to watch the sun go down from our amazing venue.