Within the past few years, Fall has become one of the most popular seasons to have your wedding. Between the leaves changing, cooler weather and pumpkin spice themed everything; Fall provides Brides with plenty of opportunities to create one-of-a-kind weddings to their liking. Below are 5 unique ways to spice up your Fall wedding!

Since the Disneyland® Resort is right across the street from our venue, we get a lot of Brides wanting to have their wedding at our venue where they can enjoy the magical views of the park. One of the most common questions asked by a Disney loving bride is how they can incorporate a Disney […]

Summer weddings are extremely popular. What else is popular? Hot summer temperatures. Although weather cannot be controlled, you can take some necessary steps to keep your guests cool and happy at your wedding. Here are 7 ways to keep your guests cool at your summer wedding.

The FIFTH is proud to announce it is a featured venue in the 2017 Ceremony Magazine, Orange County Edition! Located several times throughout the magazine, The FIFTH is a unique venue that provides a perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony or reception. As the image below shows (page 95), The FIFTH is a 5,000 sq ft […]

No matter who you are in relation to the Bride & Groom, picking a wedding gift can be very challenging. Even though most couples insist giving a gift is not needed or a big deal, everyone secretly wants to hear that couple mention how wonderful of a gift you gave them. More importantly, you want […]

Planning a wedding is all about the details, from the smallest to largest, nothing goes unplanned. If you choose to serve alcohol or plan on having a bar, you don’t want the drinks to become an afterthought. Of course there will be wine, champagne and maybe even beer for the beer lovers in attendance, but […]

Winter weddings may be the hardest to plan. With freezing temperatures and holiday traveling, a winter wedding can seem almost daunting. Not to worry, The FIFTH is here with some tips and tricks to help you execute the perfect wedding in those colder months.

You’ve been asked to give a toast at a wedding, graduation, company party or celebration. You don’t want to blow it. Because we’ve all been there—sitting, waiting, cringing through toasts that totally suck. And now that it’s your turn, you definitely don’t want it to go down like that. At The FIFTH, we’ve heard our […]

As the sun sets behind Mickey’s Fun Wheel at Disneyland’s California Adventure Park, the stage is set for a magical celebration of two people’s love. Roses, Cala Lilies and Hydrangeas line the tables as the newlyweds embark on the next chapter in their love story.

The day has finally come, it is your wedding day. After months and months of planning, it all comes to an end. You have thought of every single detail, or did you? Did you think of a way to be sure that you fully enjoy every moment of your big day?