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Meet our Bar Manager, Jason

bartender pouring drinks into cup

If you've been to The FIFTH, you may have met Jason, our incredible Bar Manager, responsible for some of our guests' favorite cocktails. But did you know Jason has been with The FIFTH since opening day? Because of this, we like to refer to him as the "O.G." Let's get to know him a little better!

a man wearing a FIFTH shirt and FIFTH hat shaking a cocktail shaker 

Way Back In 2017  

How Did He Start Bartending?

Jason's journey started in the hospitality industry 13 years ago as a server. He quickly became fascinated with cocktails and spirits and worked tirelessly to earn a spot as Bartender and eventually a promotion to Bar Manager. Now on his 9th year bartending, Jason continues to master the craft of mixology by expanding his knowledge and exploring new recipes and creations.

Jason from The FIFTH teaching a mixology class in front of the FIFTH bar.

Jason Teaching A Mixology Nite

What Is His Favorite Cocktail to Make?

When guests ask Jason “what do you recommend” his go-to is a Last Word.  It is a delicious cocktail with lots of history and it aligns with a lot of people's cocktail preferences. He enjoys sharing the story behind the Last Word and takes great pride in being the one to introduce the historical cocktail.

Jason from The FIFTH pouring a red cocktail into a FIFTH cocktail glass.

Doing What He Does Best!

What Is His All-Time Favorite Drink?

Jason has a special place in his heart for the classic Daiquiri. However, he adds a twist to it by using 151-proof rum. He says it “adds some fuel to the fire”.

Cheers to Jason, our talented Bar Manager, who continues to elevate the art of mixology with every pour. His dedication, creativity, and expertise are what make our Rooftop Restaurant & Bar a destination for guests.