Chef Cesar Pinacho

Welcome to The FIFTH Rooftop Restaurant & Bar, your favorite neighborhood place to relax and unwind, while having a front row seat to one of the best firework shows in the nation put on by the Disneyland® Resort. Executive Chef Cesar Pinacho is the mastermind behind the inspired American Traditional menu and we recently had the opportunity to sit down with him and get to know him a bit better:

Chef Cesar Pinacho

Q: What inspires you when writing recipes?

A: Keeping up with the latest food trends, dining out, and reading books by my favorite Chef, Chef Auguste Scoffier.

Q: What is always in your fridge?

A: Basil, lemon, and butter. Basil elevates flavors, lemon creates a balance of flavors, and butter (although considered to be under-rated for many Chef’s) is a very important ingredient I use to help finish off a lot of my sauces and dishes.

Q: On a night where you stay in at home, what is your go – to meal to make?

A: Anything with seafood! It’s versatile and lends itself to a lot of flavors.

Q: What is one ingredient that you could not live without?

A: I enjoy cooking with pretty much every ingredient, we are in a world of flavor, but it would be disrespectful not to have garlic, spices, and kosher salt. Of course, as always, my Pepper Mill is never far off from when I cook.

Q: What is your favorite menu thing on the menu at The FIFTH?

A: I am a fan of all our menu items, but without hesitation, the Drunken Donuts is my all-time favorite! You can enjoy them at any time of the day, they always seem to pick me up and taste so good. What could be better than donuts and tequila!?



FAVORITE Cocktail: Any drink with coffee liqueurs.

FAVORITE Comfort Food: Bacon Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, Thousand Island salad dressing, and a side of seasoned french fries. It’s versatile and easy to eat – even when you are on the go!

FAVORITE Culinary Destination: Any destination around the Mitterrand Basin. I am a huge fan of Mediterranean cuisine – the region spans a wide variety of cultures with distinct cuisines, in particular: Greek, Italian, Provencal French, and Spanish.

FAVORITE Night at The FIFTH: I love our Tiki Tuesday nights! The diversity of our crowd, our Tiki cocktails and Tiki food menu, the live music, and our team all dressed in their Hawaiian shirts makes for good times.

Tiki Tuesday at The FIFTH

Thank you, Chef Cesar for sitting down with us and allowing us to get to know you better! Join us at The FIFTH to try out our popular menu items, including our: Crafted Burger, Buffalo Chicken Flatbread, Steak Salad, and so much more! Every seat is the best seat in the house with a view unlike any other! Make your reservations and leave the rest to us!

Hello July! Finally the month of endless summer BBQ’s, fun, and everyone’s favorite holiday – the 4th of July is upon us! Get ready to sport your red, white, and blue at The FIFTH  while we ring in the festivities from Anaheim’s only Rooftop Restaurant and Bar.

Make it a family affair and join us on Wednesday, July 4th at 7:30pm for live music, handcrafted cocktails, and America’s favorite BBQ recipes. Our open-air rooftop is the perfect location to enjoy the fireworks show of the season, consider yourself all set with a front row seat to the Disneyland® Resort, unlike any other.

Rooftop Terrace at The FIFTH

If you’re seeking the best place to eat BBQ, look no further. Savor on our outdoor grill menu, curated by Chef Cesar, which is set to appease your appetite for the day. Nosh on BBQ favorites like: fork tender oven roasted Beef Brisket, BBQ Grilled Chicken, and Hot Dogs wrapped around bacon and grilled onions. Choose from an assortment of sides, including our delicious Loaded Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Macaroni Salad, and Bacon Ranch Corn on the Cob that will leave you craving for more!

Food at The FIFTH

While you relish on our one-of-a-kind special BBQ menu, satisfy your appreciation for great music with a live musical performance by, The Rising, a Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band. For nearly two decades, The Rising has toured around the states giving justice to all of Bruce Springsteen’s greatest hits from, “Greetings from Ashbury Park” to “Wrecking Ball.” Known to rock the house and deliver an “Earth shaking” and “heart stopping time” you don’t want to miss out on this impressive show. Tickets can be purchased for $15 here.

The Rising at The FIFTH

Picture Credit: The Rising


Do you like donuts? Do you like alcohol? If so, The FIFTH has a dessert for you! In case you haven’t heard the hype, The FIFTH features homemade donuts called ‘Drunken Donuts’ that are deep fried, dipped in liqueur and rolled in cinnamon, sugar and lemon zest. Choose between three flavors: tequila lime, orange liqueur and coffee liqueur and enjoy boozy donuts unlike any other.


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Honey County has become one of The FIFTH’s most popular artists featured on our rooftop. This country-pop trio consists of three talented females based in LA who came together to form the group Honey County in 2014. Founded by lead vocalist and songwriter Dani Rose, Rose herself had an impressive career prior to forming the group. Rose relocated to Los Angeles in 2010 and started working on her own music with a focus in country music. She received the great honor of opening for LeAnn Rimes shortly after and her career has been fast paced ever since.


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